lo and behold lore in informal and copypasted writing cuz charlie's a whore

(@foolishous, @tricksgod, @univershe, @02NDANTI on wattpad). updates will happen. original storyline & concept.THE MOST USED ARC WILL BE THE "HUMANITY'S GUIDE" ONE, BUT IF YOU CHOOSE ANY OTHER ARC OR ERA, LET ME KNOW BEFORE RP.trixit cheronoburg,  an angel sent down from above to be humanity's guide to heaven.  an angel who was loved so by the gods,  the most trusted man in this universe.  it all seem quite fine,  doesn't it?  but let me tell you,   its all nothing but a l̲i̲e̲.̲  there is something more sinister behind his smile.(C̶H̶A̶U̶S̶I̶K̶U̶) he is not merciful,  he is not kind.  he was everything the mortals thought he was not.  billions of years ago,  a man was made in h̲e̲l̲l̲.̲ yes! the underworld!  but he looked nothing like what you'd expect a demon to look like. it was a man,  who stood at 7'6, and had long,  long white hair that reached his waist.  three eyes as red as crimson (his third eye must remain closed, for it held the power of death.  it is something i shall tell about later).  six arms, four that was located behind his legs.   and his smile ── so kind, so loving, so beautiful.  how could you say he was a [ SINNER? ]he was the devil's best demon.  a sly,   manipulative but charming powerful man.   you would expect him to stay in hell,  wouldn't you?  after all,  nothing troubled him, he had everything he has ever wanted.   but i can tell you! he didn't stay. no he did not, he wanted more.  and so he turned traitor to the king of hell.he took the path a demon can only wish to take, the path of the DIVINE.  the path to become GOD. but first, he must pretend. wash his mouth out with holy water ── MAYBE HE CAN PRETEND TO BE A SAINT.  this is the story of how the universe ends,  this is the story of our only god.there would be some angels who would know he is a demon, but they are siding with him (perhaps in fear, or they are seeking something). ive been thinking that, at the end of the world or something, therell be a war which is unholy (trix, demons, weakened/slaved gods, humans) vs divine (angels, humans, the remaining gods) and of course, the unholy would win. and one of the reasons is bc the sus angels would turn traitor to the divin during war. not enough thought was put into this idea of mine tho.. might need worktheyre doing it for both their own self interest and because theyre cowards, however, the cowards would be the more .. weaker angels i suppose? i never actually written a war before, but ill try to just explain what is happening. yeah, ive been working on a more thorough explanation, i also think trixit wouldve been training those saints for that end day if it makes sense. yes! thatll work, maybe with threats as well (of course its not gonna be stupid unrealistic threats, perhaps he'll demonstrate what hes going to do on another person? hmmm)its not only gonna be the war that ends the world, as the gods would be weakened, perhaps the heavens shall shatter and fall ── not only damaging the earth since heaven is above EVERYTHING, but also destroying extraterrestrial life and other planets (i did say END OF THE UNIVERSE). the big war is also gonna be on alot of other planets, not only earth. the battle field is everywhere in the universe.(1/?)the future, past, and present is written by god, which is why people say god knows the future or something. but god doesnt know what trix is doing, so it clearly was not meant to happen? ok so at the end of the universe, time will OFFICIALLY be broken. it is both under trixs control and under its own control. if its under trixs control, then it can do anything he wants it to do yknow but if its not under his control, then its all weird and most of the time (pun) horrid af. it has an ability to go back in time and go to the future for obvious reasons (can only change the time of things , like ca child is turned into a dying old man in two seconds. it cant change the time of the universe unless trix does it). it will be impossible to tell day and night, for the normal 24 hours wouldnt exactly be there. sometimes day and night passes by too quickly, like in a second. sometimes tooo slow. and sometimes the sun and moon will be up at the same time. suicide tw, an example that may happen: say, ||someones tryna kill themselves, and they did. but time revives them, which may sound like a good thing BUT the person cannot do anything but reaptedly stab themselves, die, fall into the fall, get revived and pushed back up.||2/2[1] i have decided that dauni (the universe's creator and basically the embodiment of the unievrse) has another home, the great void. anyways, she is most defientely helping trix is his thingy majingy, however, as i memed once before: "betrayed traitor"as she is the universe, she manages the time and looks at the script to put everything in place yknow. but trix is breaking time, and since dauni is helping him kill gods (yes, she does not know he is going to end her as well), she is putting everything to make it all go to plan. i'd say that trix helped her push her power further, as once before she said "i create myself; that is my only power". we can see later that trix breaks time wouldn't dauni knowing, the end of the universea great war happens at the unknowned end, which damages dauni quite a lot. but trix claims it'll all be over quite quick as, after all, it's still going to plan. and once she manages to shatter the heavens (which she learned to do after pushing her power), trix would have probably killed her quickly. she had dark gold blood, and so she does not rot like the impure beings. she is here to stay, but not here alive
(hc) trix will literally insinuate that you’re worthless and you NEED his help in order to succeed and then when u call him on it he flips it around and goes omg why are you getting upset? i didnt it mean it like that. also gaslighting too, MAJOR. it’s so crazy how he adjusts his approach depending on who hes talking to- like oh i should be passive towards this person to make them THINK they have power over me, or i should try to make this person mad so that they feel bad for hurting my feelings. all the outcomes end with her successfully getting his way. hes such a master manipulator and uses people’s weaknesses but also their dreams / desires in order to have an advantage over them. and it works all the fucking time. he doesnt use this trick often, but it is how nova got into this mess. he told her that he'll make her powerful and help her destroy the god who once was her father[extra] trixit cheronobog would have no meaning when he first starts to use it. but when he came to earth and gained followers, it could start to mean something holy perhaps? however, thatll completely change in his god ar humans will start to say his name means somethinge like "GOD FOOLER - UNHOLY DIVINITY' or smth, i do know that he will be more commonly refered to as mr. misery orchausikuking of sacriliege
chau - sacrilege
siku - king
dauni's name translates to "queen of sins forgetten"
i was going to.. make them husband and wife for the sake of making "king & queen" make sense buuuuuuuuuut i think dauni has indeed seen how empty cher is so like,,,, she decided to NOT tell him?? unless like, she happened to be his first lover idfk. not so sure if i like the concept, probably don't like it much. maybe dauni divorced out of fear still with that bit of love? idfk?its honestly sad being immortal; "nothing lasts forever," they say, but perhaps theyre scared of something lasting longer than they can love it.[2] lol what if god dies before heaven falls, but mortals and well, everyone & everything , not even the stars but only celestial beings & the remaining divine (which are still in heaven or still did not die) would know of it. because such news, its enough to make an entire universe go mad, isnt it? and everything would fall out of plan, no? and yeah trix is probably the cause lolo. so yes, dauni is told to take over which trix is surprisingly sorta okay with; her powers expanded and shit.save your prayers, god is not here with us now.and so, perhaps in another decade or so, during a war driven by pure madness of THE god's death (the info purposely got leaked by you know who), she'll be told by trix to shatter heaven, to which she tries to refuse because the way the war is using HER as a battle fields hurts enough ― flaming pieces of heaven falling and damaaging the planets and cutting the universe would hurt more. trix manages to reassure her that'll only be for a little while. and she does do it, shes killed & does not rot and yknow i sad this before. he takes the throne of god.and in a year (very slow process ik), trix kind of just.. stops being trix? of course, he still acts like himself now but with more honesty than anything. dont get me wrong, hes still a manipulative gay fruity cunt but yknow yknow. he takes the throne of god but this time publicly. he is.. a tyrant???the universe, it is ruled by him now. and it will be for centuries. no, not forever. this is actually NOT the end, but there will be one day. the day he chooses, the day of ending.
dauni rots so good for her :d
as everything was dying, i did, i did grow--- as big as the wrld---- and my conscience is wider than the sea! last sun, i explose. i am the fire. i am the sea. the world is dissolving but i am the world - dauni probably
dw this is not the end of trixs character bs bc it's all still so shallow to be a story LMFAO
You don’t get to die
and be reborn the same.
You come back,
but you come back wrong.
This is the price you pay
for resurrection.
[the nme ambroise benoit will used in this card for antoine donnadieu, itwas an old name i had for him lol]THE DAUNI WILL BE DESTROYED AND A NEW UNIVERSE WILL RESTART. and it wont all be the same. the concept will stay same, but the people wont. trixit is 'reborn' as a mortal french man, a priest. ambroise benoitand i put quotations on reborn because basically trix's soul (and parts of memories, skill sets, and the like) are in this boy’s mind rn it’s mostly just having to infiltrate some kid as a vessel (because their powers weren’t made to come back to life immediately) in order to communicate to the others. he’s cognitive and his own person, b u t he’s kind of sharing a headspace with trix, which isn’t very fun. you know, you can consider a punishment for trix, for the gods still do have memories of how they once were before this new universe, including dauni?? i dont think the gods need to rebuild themselves bc theyre just them but thats my opinionthis is set in early 19th century, so years after the rebuilt of the world"run, you clever boy, and remember. run, regretful man, you couldnt spare her. run, you tired hero, dont forget her sacrifice. but always keep in mind it wasnt you who took her life"as we already know, trix's soul is in benoit's mind as memories and all that stuff, and it is a rare thing for trix to be able to take over the body, and it is a rare thing for him do it. but when he does, he probably does something that could end up ruining te priest's life. say, like the writing above: murder. this could lead to another arc, one for benoit, which is like, uh, him becoming an evaporated person in fear of getting caught by the police (trix had brought mikal back to mind leadership after the murder of 'her', so yes, he did see the blood on his hands)'Every year, thousands of (mostly japanese) men and women vanish without a trace. They are known as the “johatsu”, or evaporated people, and they engineer their own disappearances. Without warning, they leave behind loved ones who are left searching for answers.'this is lacking much detail </3i believe that, one day, trix is gonna kill benoit from the inside. like, benoit's soul kind ofspills out. and so, trixit just has the body, so ig some sort of reuniting could happen?? doesnt need to be a happy one tho.. unles reunification doesnt happen. but the thing is, he can't stay for long ― he is in a mortals body. so years and years later he fucking dies & doesnt go to hell, heaven or the great void. hes kinda just, gone tbh idkidkholy shit wait maybe after his 'death' the evaporated arc starts HE PROBABLY WONT DIE I FOUND A WAY YALL HES PROBABLY SEMI IMMORTAL. but then everyone would think hes dead LOLOwhatif trix like, went down in the 2nd universe, as a myth. as u know, the universe wont change and restart COMPLETELY, so there could be evidence of the life was before. meaning that there will be some evidence of trixit. the people who believe the "there ws a world before this" myth are to believe that trixit is the one that ended the first universe, and is expected to come back once more.• this myth is widly believed in france (french history books have this), and so many of his titles come from there. examples: saint pécheur (holy sinner), le serpent abandonné (forsaken serpent).• there are a few people that believe his second coming is as a mortal - being, they are often doubted for cheronobog doesnt need to do such act. his face has been falsely seen by some, which led to innocent mortal men getting murdered by stupid ppl. those who believed to have seen him are alive to tell the tale, whether it's believed or not• when i said evidence, i meant that some parts of the world has places wit his name on it. those ugly, disgusting parts of the world ― there is his name in an angered/fearful writing.(end? currently, yes)also i gib u his abilties bc im bored
okay so, first. his third eye is very special(u prolly already seen me saying what it holds in the book). to activate it, he has to open his third eye widely and stare into the souls of man, and then a blink would make the organs of said man decay, burn, or melt (three options, the shape his pupil turns into would differeinate what hes doing). it used to be one person at a time but now hes able to do multiple. bit of a shirtty descripstion with lots of spelling errors but ill make it better one day </3
and second
blood manipulation sorta thing. allows trix to convert his own blood into holy words and control them, which the Word of God is meant to aid him in administering punishment to the unjust. It can be used for offense through converting trix's blood into bullets of varying calibers and intensities. he can also form a shield using the ability to deflect an opponent's attack.
the second one was one given to him by god ig idk the first thing has a shit ss explanation
trix's mother tongue i supposeits an old language that the divine and unholy USED to use. ig an old language of divinity. cursed, people with the mother tongue are to be dead. LEFT TO ROT. forbidden language that he continues to speak yet he does not die. INSTEAD, whenever spoken: his visage switches through several /dead/ gods. sometimes he is aware of it, sometimes not.the curse upon this language is most likely trix's doing, as he knew some gods and many angels had it as a mother tongue. still tryna figure out how though.it's only trix's mother tongue bc he was actually created as a joke, made to mock god.
gotta work on the words tho